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Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking – Why Do Parents Consider Banking of Stem Cells? By Apurva Shree

Cord blood stem cell collection is a necessary act, but not routine in delivery rooms. Expectant parents are recommended to plan for cord blood donation early since nearly 50% of the vaginal child deliveries take place before the scheduled date. In such cases, even the most enthusiast parents seem to lose the opportunity to preserve their child’s umbilical cord cells that contain life saving potential for their newborn baby or other members of families.

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Is Cord Blood Banking Right For You? by: Alli Ross

Saving your baby's umbilical cord blood allows it to be cryogenically stored, and then available if your child later becomes sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. Umbilical cord blood was discarded until the 1970's, when researchers discovered that umbilical cord blood could save lives under certain circumstances. How do you decide on cord blood banking? Many soon-to-be parents ask this very question.

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